Part of building a business has to include building the brand reputation, that is what ultimately drives sales and keeps customers coming back.

What does your reputation say about your products and services? Let’s face it, today’s online landscape is competitive, to say the least. What matters most, however, is how your customers and potential customer perceive your brand. Does your brand represent the quality and celebrity-like status you intend it to?

Whether on social media, Google, blogs, or other sources, you want to be recognizable, reputable, and perceived as the best in what you provide. Brand reputation is the reason for all of that.

For each of the companies 1440 Ventures works with, we ensure we work on building the brand as well as the business.

Brand Reputation Strategies to Follow

We look into each of the following areas for every one of our brands.


Clearly, an online business cannot thrive without a website. A few key things here, however. The user experience is everything…it must be easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and responsive. Whatever your customers are looking for must be easy to find. This improves brand reputation and overall user experience.

Social Media

Nothing innovative here, but social media a strong way to communicate regularly about your brand. Consistent branding, theme, messaging and making your brand personable are all ways to “reach” potential customers and focus on the actual customer without the need to be physically in front of them.

It goes to say, social media is a key component to brand reputation management, especially with the ability to communicate and engage directly with those following you.

Public Relations (PR)

Do you have a strong PR program? PR can improve brand perception, inform of changes or new happenings, update customers, manage negative or positive outcomes, and overall increase web presence. It’s also a great way to highlight yours and your company’s achievements, which is great brand reputation building.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The infamous SEO tactics that have been floating around for years is still in play, and whether you like it or not…is here to stay. Part of the chart is SEO is creating content that is searchable organically by search engines like Google. If you are utilizing words that your potential customers are searching for, you want to build a brand reputation for them.


Taking social media and SEO further, there is much more to content marketing. Build a brand reputation by providing case studies, white papers, blogs, newsletters, and articles all highlighting why your brand or company is the best at whatever it is that you are selling. Describe the benefits of using you, position your company as knowledgeable and show the brand as you want it to be perceived.

Managing Reputation

It goes without saying that part of brand reputation is also managing said reputation. This includes monitoring, creating, procuring reviews online. If a customer is looking for you, you better believe they want to read up on reviews before committing to a sale.


At the end of the day, building a business is a labor of love, don’t let your reputation flop. Build it and allow your business to grow.


At 1440 Ventures we build, acquire and grow companies. The group offers a full suite of services for accelerated business growth. They help businesses and organizations dream big, set achievable goals, and give them the tools to accomplish them.

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