1440 Ventures is an innovative incubator of companies and businesses geared towards real estate, E-commerce, and technological advancements.

Our group uses a full suite of services needed to grow businesses, gain brand recognition and thrive in today’s online landscape. We help businesses and organizations dream big, set achievable goals, and elevate the brand name to new heights. The goal for each company, brand, or development is to turn a profit and create exponential growth to keep cashflow increasing over time.

Led by brand reputation superstar and business growth expert, Bob Mangat, the team at 1440 Ventures uses proven techniques to help businesses reach phenomenal success. We invest in organizations ranging from small businesses to large capital investment companies including real estate development.

In Every Day There are 1440 Minutes. That means you have 1440 Daily Opportunities. The Choice is Yours on how you choose to spend it.

- Bob Mangat, 1440 Ventures.