When it comes to building and growing businesses in an accelerated format, one can look no further than the man that turns dust to gold…Bob Mangat.

“Having built several companies from the ground up, and seeing thousands of others companies, working inside understanding the pitfalls and successes it was time for me to start to acquire and build up our own portfolio of companies.”

Bob Mangat speaks of his tenure of building a group of companies that focussed on helping businesses reach the 8-figure status in 18 months or less. He took a company, from scratch, with no funding, no credit, and was able to create the life of his dreams. Now, he’s taking online businesses and brands and doing the same. To date, Bob has worked with over 2000 companies across North America and has also championed the title as “The Automated Entrepreneur.”

Now, his focus is specifically on E-commerce and technological advancements.

Enter, 1440 Ventures

“It’s about the game, never about the money. I enjoy playing it every day,” answered Bob Mangat when asked why he is not retiring. This is after his impeccable entrepreneurial run.

The game Bob speaks of includes coaching other entrepreneurs through acquiring e-commerce companies and turning them into 7-figure businesses. His techniques are precise, focused on the digital and tech space, and involve building celebrity-like brands. He teaches inspired entrepreneurs to do the same and to work smarter. His techniques include specific PR strategies, setting up of precise automated marketing tools, and managing ads effectively.

One of the things that Bob firmly believes in, is building brand reputation and being accountable.

What’s To Come?

1440 Ventures is gearing up and already has a number of companies under its belt. The group will be highlighting these companies one by one.

Some companies already acquired include AtBoujees, CartClicks, Perception X, and more. The team works with organizations ranging from small businesses to large capital investment companies.


At 1440 Ventures we build, acquire and grow companies. The group offers a full suite of services for accelerated business growth. They help businesses and organizations dream big, set achievable goals, and give them the tools to accomplish them.

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Building Brand Reputation

Building Brand Reputation

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